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About Me

Ursula is a female photographer based out of Newark,NJ. Ursula was born in Ivory Coast, West Africa. Her culture influences her work as she loves to share and embrace her roots.

Growing up in Newark, NJ,  Ursula understands her community is in need of quality services so they don't have to travel to NYC or Hollywood to  just to have a "Top of the Line" experience.

Ursula went to Malcolm X Shabaaz High School and went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Media from Seton Hall University.

Her mission is to deliver a memorable and unforgettable  experience for every client.

Wether you have little experience in front of the camera or you are an  A list Celebrity, her goal is to capture your memories, make you comfortable in front of the camera, and bring your vision to life.  

Having worked with Whoopi Goldberg, Keisha Cole , Safaree just to name a few Ursula delivers professionalism on very shoot and her energy is unmatched!

She offers consultations to get her clients photoshoot ready, and she will coach you through your whole session. If you are looking for a fun shoot and unforgettable experience book now!

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