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African Theme Boho Pinic 
Photoshoot Party!

Shoot Prep time: 12 noon

Party starts: 4pm

Vibe begins from the moment we open our doors!

Dress code/Theme : Strict Dress code Must  wear African prints, if you don't have any we have some ready for purchase

Must be 18 and over to enter the party

Must bring positive vibes only!

Boho Picnic Set up with food Drink, Hookah & Tic-toc station

A Fully Decorated Boho Photoshoot Set up

#1 : Sip & Vibe $50

Get free access to our Mascko Experience Enjoy the Party, watch the photoshoots, Get free food and drinks and hookah , Dance and enjoy the party! 

#2: Sip & Shoot $150

Come Hair and Make up Ready, Get a Full Photoshoot (15min solo session) As well as bonus Group shots with Mascko's Full creative Direction. Comes with a full digital album Edits $25 each. 

#3: Add the Magic touch:

Hair : $75

Add  Extravagant Hair at Mascko's Creative direction

Let us transform you with our magic touch! 

Make up: $100

Elegant Queen Wardrobe Styling $150 : Add wardrobe styling from our Black girl magic collections with Goddess, Queen, and traditional Ankara looks, you choose or we can choose for you! we have something for everyone!

Shop Hiplifestylez: If you don't have an outfit it's ok you can purchase one from our original Hiplifestylez collection on-site get dressed and shoot!

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