Melanin Beauty

Photography by Mascko

The Melanin Beauty Project promotes beautiful confident woman who are comfortable in their skin enough to embrace their beauty.

In the first set of images we are focused on the face and skin tones using natural make up looks, where our make up artists have done an amazing job of highlighting the ladies' beautiful features with no distraction by keeping the make up very minimal.

Each girl was able to tap into her inner beauty. Women are beautiful inside and out and I want black women to love themselves and scream it loud and proud no matter your shade. 

We all see the viral videos and images of "instafamous" beauties online but i want young ladies in my community to know you have it in you too, you can be apart of the melanin beauty movement, and also embrace your own beauty, deep from within. It starts with you.

 I have truly enjoyed this project and the list continues to grow! 

Ursula Phillips, Mascko Director