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Welcome to Mascko Studio's website. By accessing or using our website, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Please read and fill out our
Terms and Conditions
before finalizing your booking


To book a shoot with Mascko please check out the following packages we offer. All packages come with all the images from the shoot called a digital album.
A different number of edits are included depending on the package you choose, edits are slight retouching to soften the skin and color correction, not major graphic design work that will cost extra.
Each Package has a strict time limit. Please book accordingly we will discuss which looks fit each package and the time limit.


To book a shoot, the full payment is required.  These prices and subject to change at any time, once you book your shoot the price is final and non-refundable.


You will receive text with details of the dates and time and location of your shoot.
Once you make your payment it is non refundable, you have up to 3 days before the shoot to reschedule, after that time your shoot will not be eligible to reschedule.

Changes to your Package:

Please note that once you book a shoot, you can not take anything off, you can add on to your shoot if time permits and we can allow it.

All bookings are final, wether your outfit comes or you have less people in the shoot.

We have a time frame booked for every shoot and those issues are not in our control. You may replace your outfit with anything else that fit your current theme but please discuss it with us first. If you have less people then you booked shoot price remains the same, it is your responsibility to find a substitute immediately we are not responsible for any missing persons or items of your choice.


Late Fee:

There will be a $25 late fee for every 15 min you're late due at your arrival.

Late fee will double if you are more then one hour late. Your shoot will be canceled if you are more then a hour late. If we find it a reasonable reason with proof such as an accident we will allow rescheduling for an additional fee of $100.

No call or no show is an automatic Cancellation after 1 hour passed your shoot time. 

Your shoot is subject to cancellation with no refund if you are more then 1hour late.


Photoshoot Theme:

Please make sure you have discussed your photoshoot theme, including any specific backdrop color request with us prior to booking your shoot. 

Please note each package comes with time constraints.
To ensure your photoshoot runs smoothly and is not rushed will make sure you understand how much time is needed for each specific look you may book. You must trust our creative direction and take directions so we can move along to our next shots.
You will also need to come hair and make up ready if you didn't book those services with us to allow your shoot to be within the time frame you booked as well. 

If more time is needed to shoot additional looks you will be offered an opportunity to pay an additional fee for more time on your shoot. All these details will be discussed before booking your shoot. We assure you your shoot will be amazing and we will guide you through the whole process with posing direction and attention to detail.


You will receive all your images up to 1-2 business days after the shoot, all the images from the shoot will  be shared with you via email with a download link. 

You have 3 Days to select which images you want edited, if you fail to make your selection during that time frame you edits may take longer to be ready.

There is a 10 business Days  turn around time from the day you make your selection.

Please note that due to our work volume  edits may sometimes take longer then usual.

If your edits take longer we do not give you a refund since  you still received our services and the images were already delivered and the edits will follow soon after. 

We ask that you give yourself time by booking your shoot ahead of time in order to be flexible.

If you need your images edited sooner you can pay an extra  RUSH FEE  for 

($50 for anything less then 10 business days)  the time frame in which you need them must be discussed and agreed upon before choosing this option. 


Each Packages has a set amount of edits as state in the package.  Edits are simple retouching, smoothening the skin or color correction.

Any extra graphic design request is subject to charge, such as font or special effects, Please note that body adjustments are subject to extra fees. 

We hold full artistic direction for editing to our standard, please do not tell us how to edit your photo you must trust our artistic judgement.

If you do not like your edits for whatever reason your opinion is out of our control that is why we give you all the images and you are welcome to get them done to your preference. 

If you need your edits done in your own specific way you will receive all your images un-retouched and you can edit them any way you like.


Rescheduling and Cancellation: 

If you cancel your shoot your payment non-refundable for whatever the reason might be. 


You have up to 3 days before the shoot to reschedule with proper proof such as health reasons,  state of emergency type weather conditions, selective family emergencies , and pandemic restrictions, if you fail to provide us with proper proof to our approval  you will lose your payment.

When rescheduling, we will set the future date at our earliest available appointment time.

Please note that we try to be very understanding but we will not be taken advantage of because we respect your time as well as our workers time and our company.

You will have up to one week to set a new date for your shoot and it should be within a month of your initial date or our earliest available date.


If for any personal reasons Mascko is the one who requests to cancel or reschedule your shoot, we will offer you a full deposit refund or a rescheduling date. If we are running late for a shoot it may be due to previous client emergencies so you will have to wait till our earliest convenience to service you.

Please leave room for any appointment delays on the day of your shoot, some photoshoots take longer then others, and we want to provide the best service to every client.

We assure you the  communication will be open and thank you for your patience, however you will not be able to get a refund of any sort. Once again please allow extra time for you shoot, we cannot rush our services.

Please do not book your shoot within 3 hours of having other plans to allow for patience especially during the holiday season. 


If there are pandemic restrictions in place, that conflict with your appointment date, it is out of both of our control so we will have to reschedule to the earliest available date, please note you will not be issued a refund. You may consider your payment as  store credit to be used within a month's time after the available date, any time after that your payment will not be valid. 

Maternity Clients if you have your baby before your appointment date it is out of both of our control so we will have to reschedule a different shoot of the same value to the earliest available date within 2 months, you will not be issued a refund.

You may consider your deposit as store credit to

be used within 2 months' time after the initial shoot date,

and it can be used towards any type of shoot available from our services as long as the price value is the same or less, there will be no refund of the price difference.


When booking a shoot with us you agree to all the above terms and conditions.


Thank you for trusting Mascko with your vision! We look forward to working with you.

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